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Turzyn, a Monograph

"Turzyn - The history of the estate and its owners from the 14th century to the present day" is a monograph of the village of Turzyn, presenting the history of the village, the estate and the local community. Written by the eminent historian Dr. Sławomir Łaniecki, the book is an extraordinary picture of historical and social changes and a valuable historical material, with our residents in the leading roles.

The book is available at the Association of Environmental and Hunting Education in Turzyn. The price of the book is PLN 50.00 + PLN 10.00 postage.
Please place orders by e-mail:
with confirmation of payment to the Association's account: 66 8166 0009 2001 0004 2882 0001
“The monograph of the village of Turzyn is an extremely successful and needed publication presenting the history of the village, land and estate, and the local community. It is the result of regional research by the author - Dr. Sławomir Łaniecki, who in the case of this town, as well as others described by him, tries to show the distant history and modernity of the region on the example of small Turzyn. This local and regional history turns out to be extremely interesting. The uncovered, presented fate of the inhabitants of Turzyn, their contribution to the development of the local community, patriotic attitudes, social and political changes, all this ceases to be anonymous thanks to the publication, becoming now close to the Reader.”
Prof. dr hab. Witold Stankowski,
Jagiellonian University, Pilecki Institute in Warsaw

January 2023

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