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Out of passion
for nature...

O Muzeum Historia

The idea

The Turzyn Museum of Nature & Hunting in Turzyn is a place where you can deepen your knowledge and passion for nature. The Museum presents a natural diorama depicting animals and birds in their natural habitat, a natural history and hunting collection, a collection of photographs, graphics, and a philatelic collection. Though in a historic setting, it is a young museum – with ever-expanding collections and exhibitions. In the museum shop, we offer selected didactic materials, natural science publications and original publications.

O Muzeum Otwarcie

From idea to reality

The Museum of Nature & Hunting in Turzyn was created thanks to the commitment and contributions of enthusiasts of nature and hunting traditions. The Museum was founded as an initiative of the Association of Environmental and Hunting Education "Dąb" – a non-profit organization. After several years of preparation, the Museum was opened on May 25, 2017.

Our collections are housed in a historic granary building, originally constructed in 1863. A ground-up reconstruction in 2013-2015 secured and adapted the building for public use, while preserving its external appearance.


The interior of the museum, which is decorated with hand-made deer antler chandeliers, was awarded the Grand Prix of the "Interior of the Year of Pomerania and Kujawy 2016" competition in the public buildings category.​

In a hundred-year-old farmstead...

The Museum of Nature & Hunting in Turzyn is part of a private, historical farm complex in Turzyn. The farmstead features an event hall – the Hunting Hall, the Turzyn Sport Stables, a 100-year old park and a pond with a carp fishery. In the park by the pond, you can see and listen to many "singing gems of nature" – our bird inhabitants.

“It is difficult to say whether the desire to commune with nature results from a temporary need to experience a kind of adventure to fill some gaps in our psyche, or whether it is a symptom of a deeper desire for contact with the world around us in its original form, contact so that, for example, it can sharpen our self-preservation instinct, this natural self-defence against degeneration. Or maybe it is simply a hunger for beauty, some inborn aesthetic imperative, ordering us to commune with these masterpieces, whose raw and at the same time impeccable form is created by a great artist - nature.


Włodzimierz Puchalski,

naturalist, hunter, photographer, nature film director

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